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         This Ali'i Cove community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for Owners, Residents and our neighborhood.   Support for our Sponsors and Advertisers will insure funding.   Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. Please read IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS before you use our website.
~ Neighborhood News ~
The Alii Cove Project Rules have been revised and approved. All owners should have received a copy of the November 1, 2016 version by now. If not, there is a link under Residents, Association Documents, Project Rules. One of the changes is that drones are not allowed to be flown on the property. Another is that inflatable structures may no longer be rented and used in the Recreation and pool areas.
At the May 11th, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, President Jack Hilton read the letter to the Association of Apartment Owners of Alii Cove from Revere & Associates, LLLC, concerning the Status of Litigation. This letter has been posted under Homeowners, Owner Bulletins, if you would like to review it.
The Board of Directors and Hawaiiana recently emailed and mailed a reminder of some of the House Rules that owners need to be sure are being followed. If you did not receive this information, you can get it by clicking on the link below.
Please note that replacement pool tags will now cost $10 each. Each pool tag is designated to a unit and this record is kept in the office. Therefore, new pool tags are only available Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 2:30 pm. The Resident Manager can be reached at (808)987-2189 to obtain the pool tags.
The latest news from the Resident Manager about the status of various projects around Alii Cove.
Latest information - updated 10/9/2017
The latest news from the Board of Directors President has been posted on the website.
December, 2016
Clean Vents Hawaii has recently completed cleaning over a dozen dryer vent lines for owners in Alii Cove. This has resulted in decreased drying times for clothes for these owners. In addition, dirty dryer vent lines can be a fire hazard.
Clean Vents Hawaii has offered Alii Cove a reduced price for their services if four or more owners have their vent lines cleaned on the same day. You can call them at (808)756-4975 to set up an appointment and they will try to arrange a day when they will be here for other owners so you can take part in the savings.
All owners booking less than 30 days will be fined
and could face possible legal action.
All owners renting out their unit must have a Hawaiian Tax ID and pay the appropriate taxes.
To contact our Resident Manager Brad Davis, please call  808-987-2189 
Since we have a great many new owners at Alii Cove we wish to say "Welcome" " E Komo Mai". We want to invite you to please sign up to access your web page. Without registering you will not be able to access all the information posted about your new home.
The Board and Management of Alii Cove works hard to keep you informed and invite you to communicate with us either on-line or phone or at one of the on-site meetings.
Follow the directions below:
Thank You -- Mahalo
Click on Register on the Home page upper left area
Fill in the information
To be activated contact
Lois Griffiths at

~ Survey ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
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~ Bulletins ~

Beginning the week of January 23rd, the keypads for the gates are being replaced with new keypads. This upgrade will affect only the gate codes, but not the operation of the gate remotes and fobs. The gate codes will change from using the "key" button followed by six digits, to using the "#" button and the first four digits of your old gate code. For example, "key" 141141 will become "#"1411.

SAFETY WARNING: The HOA would like to advise the owners that any water leaks and damage caused by a leak are the responsibility of the owner. The HOA request that all owners make an inspection and either turn off the water if they are not going to be in the unit for some time or contact their "on Island representatives " to do the same.

If your kitchen faucet or the hoses to it, develop a leak, be advised that you may be able to contact Kohler for a replacement free of charge. The Kohler customer service telephone number is (800) 456-4537. The model number of the kitchen faucet is CP-12177.

We have had a few reports of the Kohler Kitchen Faucets leaking under the sink, now may be a good time to make sure your HO6 insurance (home owners coverage) is in force and reported to Hawaiiana.
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